Laura Metaal Solar Panels

Laura Metaal focuses strongly on increasing sustainability. We take various measures to become greener and to realize the ambitions from our sustainability policy. This includes the installation of a solar power plant on the roof of our Steelcenter in Maastricht. This will be officially put into operation on Monday 3 September by Friso de Vries, Managing Director of Laura Metaal, and Gert-Jan Krabbendam, alderman of the municipality of Maastricht.

CO2 reduction of 340 tons per year

The new PV system on the roof of Laura Steelcenter Maastricht consists of 1,940 large-format solar panels and has a total capacity of 600,000 kWh per year. The plant will therefore provide at least 14% of the total electricity requirement of the Steelcenter and also leads to a CO2 reduction of a massive 340 tons per year.

Energy-saving measures

In addition to the construction of the solar power plant at Steelcenter Maastricht, Laura Metaal is taking various other measures to work more sustainably. For example, we are going to make our compressed air system more energy-efficient. To this end, the pipeline network will be adapted and we will switch to a smaller number of more efficient compressors. This is expected to result in an energy reduction of 40,000 kWh per year and a CO2 reduction of 23 tons per year. 70% of all gas-fired heat sources will also be removed from the halls.

Sustainable production, lighter constructions

With the new environmental measures, Laura Metaal enables their customers to work more sustainably. Not only our steel sheets and steel products are now produced in a greener way; we have also introduced several other smart innovations that enable customers to work in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, the steel mobile barriers developed by Laura Metaal Road Safety (SafeZone and BarrierGuard) can save around 2,500 tons of CO2 per kilometer compared to concrete variants. In addition, we recently invested in several innovative machines in our Steelcenter Maastricht and the location in Eygelshoven, with which steel sheets and composed products of high-strength steel can be produced. This allows our customers to build lighter constructions, resulting in for example lower fuel use and CO2 reduction.

Signature of the Maastricht Energy Agreement (MEA)

With the new solar power system put into operation, Laura Metaal immediately meets the 2020 standards as described in the national energy agreement. In addition, our sustainability policy is in line with the ambition of the municipality of Maastricht to be a fully climate-neutral city by 2030. The municipality of Maastricht and Laura Metaal therefore officially signed the Maastricht Energy agreement at the opening of the new solar power system.

Take a look at the drone shots of our solar power plant!