If there’s tension in steel sheets, Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht has the ability to level them. Levelling means that the sheets can be used as a first-choice option, rather than written off as scrap.

Why level steel sheets at Laura Metaal?

  • No write-off to scrap needed
  • Edge and centre tension can be removed
  • 3 mm and 4 mm to a yield of 1,000 N/mm2
  • No replacement material needed

Levelling of steel sheets with edge and centre waves

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht has a state-of-the-art Peak Performer levelling machine from Kohler. This machine was specially chosen as the forming rollers can be bent through wide support rollers, resulting in a tapering of the forming rollers. This ensures that both edge tension and centre tension are removed from the sheets.

Optimal evenness, even with thin steel sheets

The levelling machine is able to level sheets up to a maximum size of 2,000 x 12 mm. The more serious problems tend to occur with thin sheet material, primarily sheets that are just 3 mm or 4 mm thick. When producing coils, there are a number of parameters, such as the rolling temperature, cooling process, coiling temperature, and cooling duration, that can affect the final evenness of the sheets after decoiling. The thinner the material, the more of an impact these parameters will have on the tension after decoiling.

This is why we have invested so much to be able to level in the thin range, 3 mm and 4 mm thick to a width of 2,000 mm and with a maximum yield of 1,000 N/mm2.

Experience with sheet and contract levelling

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht has more than 30 years of experience in the decoiling of coils into steel sheets. The thickness range is from 3 mm to 25 mm, with a specialization in high-strength steel. With this experience, we know that in addition to problems with thin material, thicker material typically faces problems at the beginning and/or end of a coil. The majority of uneven sheets occur with the steel sheets in the first or last packages. The levelling machine is able to level sheets up to 12 mm Levelling is not only used for own processed material, but can also be carried out as a contract service. You send your uneven sheets to us and we will make sure that they are level.

Easy accessibility

Laura Metaal is located at the heart of Europe and is part of Steelport Maastricht. Our convenient location means that we are easily accessible by road, rail, and inland waterways. Our fully automated coil warehouse has a capacity of 72,000 tonnes of coil, plus our sheet warehouse can accommodate 25,000 tonnes of steel sheet.