Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht has a unique continuous sheet pickling line that was specially developed for and with us. The quality of the outgoing material is unmatched.

Hot-rolled non-alloy and low-alloy steel is covered with a mill scale. This layer is undesirable for further treatments, in particular laser cutting. The best method for removing the mill scale is pickling. Pickling is a chemical cleaning method for metal surfaces, whereby the rust layer, the mill scale or an oxide scale is removed. For steel, the best results are achieved by pickling in hydrochloric acid.

After pickling, the material is extremely clean and smooth, which makes it more suitable for laser cutting. A light oil layer is applied to avoid rust.

Best result thanks to unique plate pickling line

  • clean surface, suitable for laser cutting
  • modern and environmentally friendly pickling process with hydrochloric acid
  • unique plate pickling process that works according to LHP® (Laura Hyper Pickling)
  • sheet thickness up to 30mm, also in high-strength steel
  • adjustable controlled oil layer thickness 0.5 to 2.5 gram / m²
  • limitation of stock, from single coil both pickled and black plates can be delivered
  • small volumes possible
  • short delivery times, flexible and reliable
  • extra possibility is the reconditioning of plates. Corroded black or stained sheet material is returned to its 'original' state. In this way, plates can be reused or upgraded