BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate

Openings in the central reserve guardrail or barrier are mainly needed as emergency gates, and in case of road works as gates to redirect the traffic to the opposite side. Opening gates are also indispensable in front of tunnels for emergencies or maintenance purposes. They can even be used as workzone access.

Emergency or maintenance gate

The BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate is a CE and NCHRP-350 certified, Step- shaped rigid steel movable barrier. The BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate is specifically designed as an emergency or maintenance gate with a standard length of approximately 44m. With its Step-shape the connection to concrete barriers as well as to steel guardrails is ideal. For these connections standard elements are available with variable lengths.

Modular BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate

The modular BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate is assembled with standard sections, with wheelunits mounted inside. The outer ends that connect to concrete barrier or guardrails are equipped with hinges. If desired a third hinge can be added in the middle for maximum use. The BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate can be safely opened or closed in just a few minutes using only manual power.

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Simple and quick

Opening the gate is safe, simple and quick. Both gate pins are removed at the opening end, and one at the hinging end. The pivoting part is lifted when the wheel units are deployed through holes in the barrier top. When the barrier feet are clear of the road surface, the gate is simply pushed in the desired direction. Removing all four pins allows the gate section to be removed completely. Closing the gate is the reverse of opening. For operating the gate no special tools or lifting equipment are required.

Controlled collision behaviour

The Step profile allows for a controlled collision behaviour resulting in very little damage to either the car, or to the construction. For this reason many Road Authorities actually prefer the Step profile geometry. BarrierGuard 800 has an international track record and is a welcome solution through its every day usefulness in daily practice. BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate makes a wide range of applications possible.

A few advantages of BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate

  • NCHRP-350 TL-3
  • CE certified EN 1317
  • variable lengths
  • containment level H2
  • steel step profile
  • working width W6
  • vehicle intrusion VI6
  • wheel units inside
  • durable and safe hinges
  • connects smoothly to concrete
  • standard connection to guardrail
  • no special tools
  • long lifespan
  • internationally accepted
  • economical solution
System Norm Containment level Working width Vehicle intrusion
BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate EN 1317-5:2007/A2:2012 H2 W6 (2,1m) VI6 (1,8m)
BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate NCHRP-350 TL-3 1,7m