BarrierGuard 800 temporary steel road barrier

The BarrierGuard 800 is a successfully, according to MASH, NCHRP-350, EN 1317, tested steel temporary road barrier that combines various performance-levels into one basic product. The BarrierGuard 800 was tested MASH TL-3, TL-3 MDS, N2, T3, H1 and H2 and fulfils these international demands. The so-called Step profile allows for a controlled crash behaviour with little damage to both the vehicle and the construction itself. The Step geometry is therefore often favoured by the various Road Administrations.

Temporary steel crash barrier

Despite the signalisation lights, cones and such, both road workers as well as road users are at risk during roadworks. With the help of a temporary crash barrier this workzone can be protected for the benefit of both workforce as well as road users. Used as a lane divider for traffic, BarrierGuard 800 allows for safe traffic separation. In the various counties there are different demands with respect to the containment-level and appearance. BarrierGuard 800 temporary steel crash barrier offers the most appropriate solution.

Quick assembly

BarrierGuard 800 comes in pre-assembled 12m sections with a relative low weight. BarrierGuard 800 has a unique ‘QuickMount’connector design without fasteners, allowing installation of up to 300 metres of barrier per hour. No fasteners are used that can get lost during stocking and installation. Combined with delivery of up to 216m per load BarrierGuard 800 provides a competitive installation cost. BarrierGuard 800 is quickly installed and removed and limits the disruptions to traffic, while reducing the overall carbon footprint.


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Durability steel road barrier

The durability of the steel BarrierGuard 800 ensures that in the event of a typical vehicle collision, the damage to both is significantly reduced, with minimal debris, resulting in little or no requirement for repair. This ensures the ongoing safety of the workforce while allowing maximum lane usage on the busy road network. With its versatile design the BarrierGuard 800 allows for angle plates and angle sections to be used for tight radii. Connections to existing guardrails can be made with the help of standard connection pieces. BarrierGuard 800 temporary road barrier is available with approved and CE marked crash cushions or end terminals.

Productsheet BarrierGuard 800

Advantages of BarrierGuard 800

  • Tested according MASH, NCHRP-350, EN 1317
  • MASH TL-3, TL-3 MDS, N2, T3, H1 and H2 tested
  • Full-scale tested according EN 1317
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable with low carbon footprint
  • 180 m per truck
  • Internationally accepted


  • Relatively low weight
  • Transition to concrete road barriers
  • Transition to safetyrail
  • Maintenance free
  • For workzones and lane devision
  • Also suitable for permanent installations
Product Test Standard Description Permance Class Test Type W-value
BarrierGuard 800 NEN-EN 1317 Low Angle Contaiment T3 TB41+TB21 W4
BarrierGuard 800 NEN-EN 1317 Normal Containment N2 TB32+TB11 W2
BarrierGuard 800 NEN-EN 1317 High Containment H1 TB42+TB11 W6
BarrierGuard 800 NEN-EN 1317 High Containment H2 TB51+TB11 W8
BarrierGuard 800 NCHRP-350/ MASH High Containment TL3 2.000kg/2270kg Pick-up USA norm
BarrierGuard 800 NCHRP-350 High Containment TL4 8.000kg Truck USA norm