BarrierGuard 600 free-standing steel road barrier

T3 barriers are used for creating temporary traffic lanes. The narrow design ensures that as much of the carriageway as possible is available to traffic. The T3 road barriers have been tested in compliance with EN 1317-2.

Free-standing steel road barrier

Coupling is quick and easy thanks to the unique (patent pending) pin-hole coupling system. Simply lower the barrier over the previous barrier and you're ready. We call this 'Drop & Go'. This crash barrier therefore has no loose parts.

The BarrierGuard 600 is a steel barrier approved to EN1317-2 and suitable for the fast demarcation of temporary traffic lanes. The BarrierGuard 600 has been tested to T3 level and has a working width of 0.8 (W2)and an extremely low ASI of 0.2 (A).

Most durable unanchored steel crash barrier

The BarrierGuard 600 is the most robust and durable crash barrier on the market. Thanks to the fully steel exterior, the chance of damage is reduced to a minimum and the life expectancy is more than 20 years. Its slim 25 cm profile makes optimal use of the available space possible. The road barrier is extremely flexible in use, because less than 100 metres erection length is needed and anchoring is unnecessary. The barrier is supported by durable vulcanised rubber feet that keep the road barrier firmly in place and ensure that rainwater can flow away.

Productsheet BarrierGuard 600

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BarrierGuard 600

The benefits at a glance

  • T3 tested according EN 1317-2
  • W2, ASI 0,2 (A)
  • Drop & Go coupling
  • Internationally accepted
  • Most durable road barrier on the market
  • Anchoring not needed
BarrierGuard 600 – T3 barrier Test resultaten conform EN 1317-2  
Element length 6,0 m
Performance class T3 T1
Working width 0,8 (W2) (W1)
ASI 0,2 (A)
System height 0,60 m
System width 0,25 m
Weight per element 870 kg (145kg/m)
Tested system length excluding end elements 96 m
End anchoring required Nee