1937: N.V. Ironwork Hollander is founded

The history of Laura Metaal starts in 1937. In that year, Erich Hollander started a (sister) establishment in Spekholzerheide (Kerkrade-West) called N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander. This company buys scrap from the mining areas in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and supplies it to the Hoogovens steelworks. In addition, IJzerwerk Hollander develops and produces various products for the mining and tunnel industry in Switzerland and France. In 1963 the mining industry ended and after an initially difficult period, IJzerwerk Hollander focused on the existing product range in existing markets.

1968: new owners

In 1968, IJzerwerk Hollander is bought by Laura & Vereeniging together with Hoogovens. The company will continue on existing markets under the name Laura Metaal N.V., but the product range will also be expanded with new products such as crash barriers and hot-rolled press parts for the heavy transport industry.

1973: move to Eygelshoven

Due to the necessary expansion and pressure from the local community, the factory moved to Eygelshoven in 1973. The name changes from Laura Metaal N.V. to Laura Metaal B.V. From that moment on the product range expands further with, among other things, sea containers and steel construction walls.

1987: Establishment Maastricht is opened

In 1987, Laura Metaal BV opened a second office in Maastricht on the industrial estate Beatrixhaven. The main activities are the decoiling of hot-rolled material and the pickling of plates.

1994: acquisition of Staalcenter Roermond and opening of Beverwijk branch

Laura Metaal takes over Staalcenter Roermond in 1994, a processor of steel and plate of the Royal Hoogovens. As a result, in 1995 the name of the Maastricht branch in Laura Staalcenter Maastricht and the Eygelshoven site in Laura Metaal Eygelshoven changes.

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht opens a new branch in Beverwijk. Here, residual material from Koninklijke Hoogovens in IJmuiden is stored and distributed.

1996: fire cutting center

In 1996 Laura Metaal Eygelshoven takes over the fire cutting center of the former Staalcenter Roermond.

2003: the new Sundwig Kohler line

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht invests in a Sundwig decoil installation in 2002 that will be used in 2003. This new installation has the possibility to process high-strength steel from coil to various plate sizes.

2003: concentration in Eygehlshoven

In 2003, the processing activities of Laura Staalcenter Roermond are transferred to Eygelshoven. The objective is a concentration of the processing activities of Roermond and Eygelshoven in one location. Business operations will continue under the name Laura Metaal Eygelshoven.

2007: commisioning of new sheet pickling line in Maastricht

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht has a unique continuous sheet pickling line that was specially developed for and with us. The quality of the outgoing material is unmatched.

2009: High-strength deco line is installed

In 2009, Laura Metaal invested in the heavy-duty decoil line for high-strength steel, the FIMI. This line can cut to 20 mm thickness.

2010: CE certificates for road safety

In 2010, the first CE (conformity) certificates on Roadside Safety Products were obtained. The CE (conformity) certificate was in fact a confirmation that Laura Metaal Eygelshoven could prove the conformity with all applicable guidelines, and is seen as a passport to the European trade market.

2011: Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht completely covered

In 2011, work will start on building two new halls in Maastricht. All incoming coils are now stored inside, this is another step towards ever higher quality of service.

2011: Laura Metaal Fabrications invests in a Trumpf laser machine

The Trumatic 600L is the latest addition to Laura Metaal Fabrications.

2012: New FIMI decoiling line

Completion of Masterplan Maastricht: new FIMI line and all steel stock under roof; optimised logistics and quality

2013: Ermak press brake installation

14.2 meter-2000 tons press brake operational in Eygelshoven

2017: Upgrade of Laura Staalcenter Maastrich FIMI line

Upgrade of Maastricht Fimi line – now strongest in Europe.

2017: Laura Metaal Fabrications invests in a double welding robot

Laura Metaal Fabrications invested in a welding robot with double manipulator to better respond to the wishes of the customer. The installation measures 36 meters with two welding robots that can weld separately. In addition, it consists of two clamping stations, so that when one product is welded the other can be clamped. Steel products of 2.5 meters wide with a total weight of 6 tons (including welding jigs) can be rotated 360 degrees. The clamping width is 14 meters.

2018: Laura Metaal Fabrications invests in a 14m 6kW Fiber Laser

With the Tecoi 1430CF-6kW Fiber Laser we meet the needs of the market. With a switch table of 14,000 by 3,000 mm, we offer high flexibility in dimensions.